HERO is making life better in Texas by tapping into the vast intellectual and educational resources of our state’s great institutions of higher learning.

HERO is partnering with these University Members to support students, faculty, and academic programming to advance the 8 Fields of Focus.

More Texas University Members coming soon!

The Bradley Oaks Ranch in Bradford, Texas, will serve as the centralized campus for field research, program applications and gatherings.

Map of distances to Bradley Oaks Ranch from universities in Texas
Research, Education, Application

HERO structures its work, and the work of its University Members, through the categories of Research, Education and Application. HERO encourages and coordinates the efforts of world-class researchers, practitioners and thought leaders in all 8 HERO Fields of Focus.


Developing new ideas that can be leveraged to ignite betterment in Texas and the world.


Disseminating the work in a relevant, accessible way to the public and targeted audiences.


Extending research outcomes to create innovative real-world solutions, management approaches, products and more in Texas.

Working Together for a Better Texas

HERO is projected to provide millions of dollars for scholarships and professorships at our University Members to spur advances in our 8 Fields of Focus.

Texas Habitats Ecosystems Baylor
Texas Habitats Wildlife Stephen F. Austin
Texas Habitats Fisheries Texas A&M
Texas Habitats Sustainable Energy UT Austin
Texas Arts Culinary Arts Texas Woman’s University
Texas Arts Performing & Visual Arts SMU
Well-being of Texans Interdisciplinary Kindness UT Dallas