Bradley Oaks Ranch

The historic Bradley Oaks Ranch, located in Bradford, Texas, covers nearly 1,500 acres and is home to a rich history of Texans. Owned by the Heppner family, Bradley Oaks Ranch is the campus for field work, research applications and gatherings of HERO students, professors and others devoted to improving life in Texas.


Learn about the proud history of heroes devoted to helping Texas at Bradley Oaks Ranch.


Bradley Oaks Ranch has a range of facilities that make it an ideal campus for HERO researchers, both students and professors, to learn, conduct fieldwork and implement programs that apply their research to a wildlife habitat and working Texas ranch. It’s also a great place to gather together to share knowledge between all of the HERO University Members. In short, it’s a place that’s both for collaboration and use as a laboratory – a sort of Ranch Collaboratory.

Facilities include:

Art & Potters Studio



Swimming Pools

Gardening Center

Equine Facility – rodeo, game fields & racing tracks

Demonstration Kitchen

Riding & Party Barn

5+ miles of horse trails, nature paths and biking courses

Multiple spaces for conferences and gatherings

Commitment to Texas Habitats

Bradley Oaks Ranch includes a wildlife education center that allows visitors to learn about and observe animals and plants found only in East Texas and promotes the importance of conserving and maintaining native wildlife and the environment. In 2014, two American bald eagle nests were discovered on the property. Since then, it has served as a site for research on bald eagles, contributing data to the Texas Natural Diversity Database.

A bald eagle
Wildlife Management

The Ranch has implemented a wildlife management program to operate seamlessly with the ranch and farming operations. The primary interests include attracting local game including white-tailed deer, turkeys, doves and waterfowl. Secondary target species include encouragement of quail, all non-game birds and songbirds. The Ranch habitat provides food and cover for additional species including bobcats, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, opossum, armadillo, eagles, owls, hawks, woodpeckers, water birds, and various rodent, reptile and amphibian species.

A wood duck
The Heppner Family

Learn more about the owners of Bradley Oaks Ranch and their commitment to Texas.